BPMN 2.0 Elements

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The five basic categories of elements

  1. Flow Objects
  2. Data Objects
  3. Connecting Objects
  4. Swimlanes
  5. Artifacts

Flow Objects

Flow Objects are the main graphical elements to define the behavior of a Business Process

  1. Element start event.png Events
  2. Element activity.png Activities
  3. Element gateway.png Gateways


  1. Element data object.pngData Objects
  2. Element data input.pngData Inputs
  3. Element data output (2).pngData Outputs
  4. Element data store.pngData Stores

Connecting Objects

There are four ways of connecting the Flow Objects to each other or other information

  1. Element sequence flow.pngSequence Flows
  2. Element message flow.pngMessage Flows
  3. Element association.pngAssociations
  4. Element association.pngData Associations


  1. Element pool.png Pools
  2. Element lane.png Lanes


Artifacts are used to provide additional information about the Process

  1. Element group.pngGroup
  2. Text annotations.pngText Annotation