BPMN 2.0 Data Objects

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Element data object.png

  • Data Object elements MUST be contained within Process or Sub-Process elements
  • Data Object elements are visually displayed on a Process diagram
  • Data Object References are a way to reuse Data Objects in the same diagram
    • They can specify different states of the same Data Object at different points in a Process
    • Data Object Reference cannot specify item definitions, and Data Objects cannot specify states
  • The names of Data Object References are derived by concatenating the name of the referenced Data Data Object the state of the Data Object Reference in square brackets as follows:
 [  ].

Collection of Data

Element data object collection.png

  • A DataObject element that references an ItemDefinition marked as collection has to be visualized differently, compared to single instance data structures.

Data Stores

  • A DataStore provides a mechanism for Activities to retrieve or update stored information that will persist beyond the scope of the Process
  • The same DataStore can be visualized, through a Data Store Reference, in one or more places in the Process
  • The Data Store Reference is an ItemAwareElement and can thus be used as the source or target for a Data Association
  • When data flows into or out of a Data Store Reference, it is effectively flowing into or out of the DataStore that is being referenced.

Element data store.png

Data Inputs and Outputs

Element data input.png Element data output (2).png

  • Activities and Processes often:
    • need data in order to execute
    • can produce data during or as a result of execution
  • Data requirements are captured as Data Inputs and InputSets.
  • Data that is produced is captured using Data Outputs and OutputSets

Data Association

  • Data Associations are used to move data between Data Objects, Properties, and inputs and outputs of Activities, Processes, and GlobalTasks
  • Tokens do not flow along a Data Association, and as a result they have no direct effect on the flow of the Process.
  • The purpose of retrieving data from Data Objects or Process Data Inputs is to fill the Activities inputs and later push the output values from the execution of the Activity back into Data Objects or Process Data Outputs.

Figure10-66-data-association-used-for-outputs-and-inputs-into-activities.png is the same as Figure10-68-data-object-associated-wit-sequence-flow.png