BPMN 2.0 Artifacts

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  • Show additional information about a Process that is not directly related to the Sequence Flows or Message Flows of the Process.

BPMN provides three standard Artifacts:

    • Element association.png Associations
    • Artifact - Group.png Groups
    • Text Annotation.png Text Annotations
  • Additional Artifacts MAY be added to the BPMN specification in later versions
  • A modeler or modeling tool MAY extend a BPMN diagram and add new types of Artifacts to a Diagram


Element association.png

  • Associates information and Artifacts with Flow Objects
  • Also used to show the Activity used for compensation
  • Association is different than Data Association


Artifact - Group.png

  • Provides a visual mechanism to group elements of a diagram informally
  • The grouping is tied to the CategoryValue supporting element
  • Groups are often used to highlight certain sections of a Diagram without adding additional constraints for performance-as a Sub-Process would.
  • The highlighted (grouped) section of the Diagram can be separated for reporting and analysis purposes
Groups do not affect the flow of the Process.

Artifact - Group Example.png

Text Annotation

Text Annotation.png

  • Is a mechanism for a modeler to provide additional information for the reader of a BPMN Diagram
  • The Text Annotation object can be connected to a specific object on the Diagram with an Association
  • Does not affect the flow of the Process