SoaML and UPDM

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What SoaML can do what UPDM cannot

  1. Detail service modelling
  2. Contract is binding on ports typed by the interfaces of the contract
  3. Mapping to BPMN 2.0 (BPMN 2.0 mention service)
  4. UPDM planned reuse (mapping) of SoaML
  5. SoaML is universal (i.e. not focused on military vocabulary)

General Definition of a Service in UPDM

"The Service-Orientated View is a description of services needed to directly support the operational domain as described in the Operational View. A service is described as a unit of work through which a particular Resource provides a useful result to a consuming Resource. UPDM services may include standard web-based services, but also define effects deployment, logistics support, and even cooking meals for hungry soldiers."

The resource provides the service, and the consuming resource makes use of it.

The Services Views are the following:

  • SOV-1 Service Taxonomy (SoaML: Category)
  • SOV-2 Service Interface Specification (SoaML: Simple Interface, ServiceInterface, ServiceContract)
  • SOV-3 Capability to Service Mapping - shows how services support capabilities (SoaML: Integration with BMM)
  • SOV-4a Service Constraints, SOV-4b Service State Model, and SOV-4c Service Interaction Specification (SoaML: Service Choreography)
  • SOV-5 Service Functionality (SoaML: Operations in Services, more details mapping to methods)