Scrum for Executives

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Scrum for Executives
Bernard Szlachta (NobleProg Ltd)

Introduction of the trainer⌘

Bernard Szlachta (pron in german: Schlachta)


  • Current: CEO NobleProg Ltd/LLC
  • Past:
    • From Admin, Developer, Architect, PM, SM, PO
    • Industries: Software Devel, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Education
    • Education: Management/Physics/Electornics

Scrum Experience:

  • Worked in traditional Projects (Prince 2, Waterfall)
  • From 2004 improvised SCRUM
  • From 2007 Certified Scrum Master
  • Since 2007 most on Agile

Introduction of the delegates⌘

  • Name
  • Position
  • Experience
  • Reason for attending

Current Structure/Organizational challenges⌘

  • Please list:
  • the challenges you are currently facing
  • possible reasons of these challenges
  • possible solutions


  • Why there is not a single dominant company on this planet?
  • Why small companies grow faster than big ones?
  • What are the factors which matter?

Management Structure⌘

  • Hierarchical
  • Matrix
  • Agile