Part 5.1 - User Groups and Rights

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User Groups ⌘

User groups allow you to set different permissions for different members on a wiki.

There are 3 groups by default: bots, bureaucrats and administrators.

You can see there permissions on Special:ListGroupRights

User Rights ⌘

To change the rights for different groups, you need to edit your LocalSettings.php file.

This can be done by adding $wgGroupPermissions['group']['action'] = true/false.

* applies to all groups and user applies to all editors with accounts.

A new group is created simply by putting a new group name in $wgGroupPermissions['group']['action']

Controlling Access and Editability ⌘

You can block access for a user you the special block page.

Exercise ⌘

  • Create your own user group and give it permission to edit and read.
  • Disable access to the wiki for anonymous users.
  • Stop anonymous users from being able to create accounts.