Part 0.0 -MediaWiki for Content Editors - Introduction

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MediaWiki for Content Editors
David Parkin (NobleProg Ltd), Lukasz Walec (NobleProg Poland), Bernard Szlachta (NobleProg Ltd, NobleProg China)

Introduction to MediaWiki

What is covered in this course?。

Basic Editing

  • Creating new page
  • Editing a page
  • Discussions and comments
  • Revisions, tracking history and reverting changes
  • Uploading images, audio files and movies
  • Templates (do not repeat yourself)
  • MediaWiki syntax

Font formatting

  • Tables
  • Resizing and positioning pictures
  • Organizing Content


  • Categorizing Pages
  • Understanding Namespaces
  • Moving (renaming) a page
  • Redirects
  • Deleting a page
  • The way it looks

Adjusting skins

  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Javascript
  • Finding your way

Special pages

  • User pages
  • Namespaces

Blended vs Self-study

  • live person time (Skype, email reply or even face-to-face instructor)
  • material is updated before you buy, we check all the examples with newest version of the software and standards
  • access to the training environment via remote desktop (virtual machines) for 30 days

WMF vs MW。

  • Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) vs MediaWiki Open-Source Software

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg MediaWiki-smaller-logo.png

What is MediaWiki。

  • Open Source Software (GPLv2)
  • Developed by MediaWiki Foundation + Community (e.g. NobleProg)
  • Released in 2002
  • Made for hight traffic, no hidden content
  • LAMP

Sites Running Wiki。

    • Wikipedia
    • Wiktionary
    • Wikimedia Commons
    • Wikia
    • WikiLeaks

Training Machines。

  • You have been given an access to the training machine where you can practice
  • Access is given only for 30 days, but can be extended for an extra fee