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NobleProg Franchise Offer
Bernard Szlachta (NobleProg Ltd)

The Dream? ⌘

  • Wanna course, get a course in a couple of minutes with real person
  • Wanna help, get a real person consultant in matter of minutes
  • The trainer/consultant who matches you better than your partner

What do we do? ⌘


  • Courses
    • 1 to 5 days
    • already at work
    • corporate customers
  • Consultancy

Will provide (NobleProg Institute):

- long-term courses (21days)

Area of Expertise⌘

  • Management.png Management
  • Computer.png IT
  • Statistics.png Statistics
  • Ai.png Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial.png Finance

Course Types ⌘

  • Classroom
  • Remote with instructor

Clients ⌘

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Who we are?

Team ⌘

  • 11 franchisees
  • 70 FTE people (people involved in organizing courses and consultancy, without trainers)
  • over 500 subcontractors

Bernard szlachta photo.jpg Grzegorz-Pruszczynski small.jpg Lukasz walec photo.jpg Filip stachecki photo.jpg Kamil bw.jpg Iza szlachta photo.jpg

Edward-Jenkins.jpg Steve-Meredith.jpg Christine-Hicks.jpg Adriaan-Baston.jpg Eryk-pic.jpg Selina-Tian.jpg

Where? ⌘



  • 2005 - Established in Poland as purely classroom training company
  • 2007 - Headquarters in London, United Kingdom
  • 2008 - Franchise model started
  • 2012 - Headquarters in New York, US
  • 2014 - Canada, Germany, Dubai
  • 2015 - China
  • 2016 - India
  • 2017 - Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines
  • 2022 - Thailand, Japan

Our Vision ⌘

The World's Local Training Provider

Strategic Goals ⌘

  • Reduce waiting time to zero
  • The trainer or consultant matches clients perfectly
  • Make learning more enjoyable

Mission ⌘

  • Providing worldwide comprehensive learning and consultancy solutions in an effective, efficient, comfortable and interesting way
  • Making the organization of the courses as easy, quick and effective as possible for both, the trainer and the delegates.

Why NobleProg? ⌘

  • Cooperation instead of competition
  • Your major contribution is your work, not money
  • Exchanging trainer database and evaluation
  • Sharing costs of:
- marketing and sale
- software development
- process development and best practises
- trainer recruitment
- course development

Franchisees Success Stories ⌘

Grzegorz Pruszczynski, Warsaw, Poland

Grzegorz-Pruszczynski small.jpg
  • Started in 2006
  • Came from non technical background with little business experience
  • Currently Master Franchisee in Poland
  • Earnings are much more than anticipated

Filip Stachecki, Poznan, Wroclaw, Poland

Filip stachecki photo.jpg
  • Worked as a trainer contractor since 2008
  • From 1 of November 2009 a Franchise
  • Couldn’t stand constant travelling as he expected his second kid, so he started a business
  • Granted another territory for exceptional performance
  • Territory of around 2mln people (600k in the City)
  • Thinks it was as easy as A, B, C

Who am I

Bernard szlachta photo.jpg
  • At age 18 started his first ISP and consultancy business
  • In the past trainer and consultant for Intel, Ernst and Young, Cambridge University, Raiffeisen Bank., Volkswagen, Roche, GE Money Bank, ING Bank, eSpeed/BGC Partners, Bank of Scotland and many more
  • From system administrator, through programmer, project manager, salesman, consultant, software architect to ultimately become business owner and investor
  • He received his bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing (specialization in Strategic Management)

What will a Franchisee get? ⌘

What will a Franchisee get? - Marketing

  • SEO (hundreds of websites)
  • Recognisable brand
  • Global and Country level advertising
  • Enquiries from existing clients in different territories
  • References and Testimonials
  • Accreditation and partnerships (OMG, etc...)

What will a Franchisee get? - Operations ⌘

  • Booking/Enrolment system
  • Pricing and Discount System
  • Public Course Event generator
  • Detailed Processes, Templates and Support
  • Trainer/Consultants recruitment and selection system (
  • Trainers Database (Worldwide)
  • Certification system (
  • Integration Accounting System
  • Use of NobleProg Systems and Process for Remote Courses
  • Emails, Calendar
  • Credit Card Payments systems
  • Quote Engine

What will a Franchisee get? - Quality Control ⌘

  • Course Assessment Process
  • Trainer/Consultant Assessment Process
  • Peer-review for Training Materials

What will a Franchisee get? - Research and Development ⌘

  • New outlines and materials
  • Software upgrades
  • Rules and Process continuous optimisation
  • Technical support


  • Training Materials
  • Promotional Presentations
  • Legal agreement


  • Agreements Templates (with customers, service providers, etc...)
  • Legal framework for further growth

What will a Franchisee get? - Investment and Career Development Support ⌘=

  • Borrowing for development (properties etc...)
  • Access to discounted courses
  • Access to self-study materials
  • Discounts for courses provided by NobleProg in different locations and remote courses
  • Ongoing business support
  • Community of Franchisees

The Web Site ⌘


Freedom ⌘


  • All applications are web-based, no need to install anything on your computer
  • You can travel and work (some people working in London are in Mexico, or Korea, etc...)

Search Engine Optimization ⌘


Business Processes and Automation ⌘

PCQ Management.svg

Quote Engine ⌘


Course Outlines and Training Materials ⌘


Accreditation ⌘

  • OMG Exam Content Developer (OCEB, OCUP)
  • ISQI

More info:

Franchise, how to start ⌘

How much do I need?
From $10k to $100 depends on the territory
Do I need an office
first year not necessary, later, a must
How much time I need to spend on the business?
A lot, mostly to learn the stuff, we require full time engagement

Typical Day ⌘

Typical Day in a first year⌘

  • Preparing quotes and tenders
  • Reply to clients emails/phone calls
  • Advertising courses
  • Talking to trainers

Typical Day - second year ⌘

  • Employing Training Coordinators
  • Managing Key Accountants
  • Getting more business from tenders, networking

What is in the Franchise Agreement ⌘

  • Initially 5 years - renewable
  • Restriction by territory or/and area of expertise
  • You pay system fee 10% from your turnover - and that is all!

Exit Strategy ⌘

  • Sell the busines

How can I start ⌘

Fill out Franchise Enquiry Form
Contact us via email or phone