JBPM 6 - 2.4 - Invoking External Services

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JBPM 6 - 2.4 - Invoking External Services

Domain-specific task

  • domain-specific task invokes external service
  • domain-specific task nodes AKA:
    • custom work items
    • service nodes
    • service task (though it is technically BPMN term)

WorkItem and WorkItemHandler

  • work item
    • answers the what question
    • Declarivaly (MVEL) states what are the paramters, return value, icon, etc...
    • created in Workbench
    • It is a business task
  • work item handler
    • answers the how question
    • code the jBPM engine will use when executing the custom work item in a running process.
    • different for testing and production

Custom work items and BPMN

  • <task>
  • <serviceTask>
  • <sendTask>