JBPM 6 - 1.3 - InputSets and OutputSets

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JBPM 6 - 1.3 - InputSets and OutputSets

InputDataSets Instructions

  1. Copy emp_recruitment2 to emp_recruitment3
  2. Change the Process Name and ID accordingly
  3. In the Phone Interview task, add DataInputSet ut_candidate_name
  4. In assignments, map pv_candidate_name to ut_candidate_name
  5. Generate forms
  6. Deploy
  7. Start new process, input Albert as the candidate name
  8. Perform a task, change the ut_candidate_name field value before complete a task to AlbertModifiedInUserTask
  9. Check in Completed instances the value of the variable

OutputDataSets Innstructions

Hrproj.employee recruitment.png

  1. Create DataOutputSet in Phone Interview task name ut_candidate_suitable:Boolean
  2. In Assignments, map ut_candidate_suitable to pv_candidate_suitable
  3. Generate all forms (remove old forms before)
  4. Edit process form (npproj.emp_recruitment3-taskform) and remove pv_candidate_suitable field
  5. Save and Deploy
  6. Execute the process
  7. When performing the task, tick the "candidate_suitable" field
  8. After completing the task, go to completed instances and view the process variables and process model.

Exclusive Gateway

Hrproj.emp recruitmen3.png

  • Modify process as shown on the diagram above
  • Add constraint to the appropriate sequence flows:
  • to Hired end:
return pv_candidate_suitable;
  • to Not Hired end:
return pv_candidate_suitable == false;
  • Run process twice selecting different option in ut_candidate_suitable check-box
  • In completed instances check whether the variable got different values