History of Enterprise Architecture

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History of Enterprise Architecture
Bernard Szlachta (bs@NobleProg.co.uk)

History of Enterprise Architecture          Bernard Szlachta (bs@NobleProg.co.uk)

Enterprise Architecture in Management ⌘


Organization Structure Development⌘

Time Organization Structure
200k BC Dominant mail Crested Black Macaque (Macaca nigra).jpg
200k BC Family (clans) based communities Bosjesmannendorp.JPG
4000 BC First towns/cities (Mesopotamia, current day India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) Ur-Nassiriyah.jpg
2000 BC Akkadian Empire (Mesopotamia) Sargon of Akkad.jpg
800 BC Interrelated City States Sicily Selinunte Temple E (Hera).JPG
200 BC Empires (Egypt, Greeks, Syria, China), need for military capacity, mostly logistic problems RomanEmpireTrajan117AD.png
200 AD Greeks, Roman and Chinese (need for civil engineering) Segovia Aqueduct.JPG
200 AD Religion (as an organization) Benedykt XVI (2010-10-17) 4.jpg
1300 AD Merchant Corporations Stora Kopparberg 1288.jpg
1750 AD Industrial Revolution (), shifting power from land owners to manufactures, Maquina vapor Watt ETSIIM.jpg
1840 AD Commercial Telegraphs Cooke and Wheatstone electric telegraph.jpg
1900 AD Corporation dominant business structure in the US Upmcsign.jpg

Modern Organization Structure Development⌘

Time Organization Structure
1900 AD Frederick Taylor - beginning of Scientific Management separate from state, church or army
(shovels, remuneration incentives, work preparation)
Frederick Winslow Taylor crop.jpg
1914 Mass production
Focus on functional excellence
Ford assembly line - 1913.jpg
1950 Computers become widespread in corporations UNIVAC-1103-BRL61-0905.jpg
1969 Sherman Blumenthal " Management Information Systems: A Framework for Planning and Development"
1974 The first consumer computers Ibm5100 (2297950254).jpg
1980 Widespread application development IBM logo.svg
1980 TQM, Lean manufacturing, JIT Toyota logo.svg
1984 IDS Sheer, Dr. August Wilhelm Scheer: ARIS (ARchitecture of Information Systems) suite (now own by Software AG)
1985 Metis AS founded in Norway (2000 acquired by Computas, which in turn in 2004 was acquired by Troux Technologies)
1986 Popkin Software and Systems (Popkin System Architect), acquired by Telelogic in 2002 which in turn was acquired by IBM in 2005 jpopkin.jpg
1987 Zachman Framework coins the term "Enterprise Architecutre" Zachman Framework Rows.jpg
1990 Business Process Reengeneering Business Process Reengineering Cycle.svg
1994 TAFIM (Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management) Released by DoD
1996 Technology Management Reform Act (Clinger-Cohen Act), CIO Council
1996 Telematica Instituut (now BizzDesign Software) founded in the Netherlands
1998 TAFIM is transferred to The Open Group
1999 FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework) is released by by CIO Council (Council of Chief Information Officers). In 2002 renamed to FEA (Federal Enterprise Architecture)
2000 Business Process Management Business Process Management Life-Cycle.svg
2003 TOGAF 8.0 is Release
2008 Business Motivation Model 1.0 Released by OMG Business-Motivation-Model-top.gif
2020 Most of the managers has been replaced by computers Terminator's head.jpg