Git - Setting Up Central Server

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1. Create a Group
groupadd gitusers
2. Add users to the gorup
TODO: add the comant
  1. set up users
  2. set up repo
  3. clone repo
  1. Settiing up permission
sudo chown :gitusers -R central.git/
chmod g+ws central.git/ -R
# change umask in /etc/profile to 002

in /etc/pam.d add a line

session    optional umask=002
  1. Setting up keys
local > ssh-keygen

local > scp
mkdir .ssh
git:~ > cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys
chmod u=rwx,g=,o= .ssh/
chmod u=rw,g=,o= .ssh/authorized_keys

User Public repo

Kate is one of the developers who cannot push to the central repo

She wants to expose her stuff via Kate public repo

 mkdir kateprv
 git clone /g/central.git/ kateprv/
 chmod 700 kateprv/

 # TODO it doesn't seem to be working
 # TODO FIXED git remote set-url --delete --push origin /home/kate/pubdistprj.git/
 # create public repo
 git clone kateprv/ katepub.git --bare

  # add remote 
  git remote add  katepub /home/kate/katepub.git/
  git push katepub