Enterprise Architecture Languages

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Enterprise Architecture Languages
Bernard Szlachta (bs@NobleProg.co.uk)

Enterprise Architecture Languages⌘

  • There is no de-facto language describing Enterprise Architecture in general
  • Most languages are domain specific or universal (not specifically covering EA)


  • Description separately


see SoaML materials



IDEF Methods.svg
  • Integration DEFinition
  • IDEF is a family of modelling languages
  • Developed under funding from US Air Force
  • Released into Public Domain
  • Languages are pretty much separate
  • Lhere is no mapping from one view (language) to the other


Some of the languages:

  • IDEFIX: The core
  • IDEF0 : Function Modelling[2]

IDEF Diagram Example.jpg


  • IDEF1 : Information Modelling
  • IDEF1X : Data Modelling

B 5 1 IDEF1X Diagram.jpg


  • IDEF2 : Simulation Model Design
  • IDEF3 : Process Description Capture

2-03 Example of an Enhanced Transition Schematic.jpg


  • IDEF4 : Object-Oriented Design
  • IDEF5 : Ontology Description Capture

4-54 Composition Schematic for Ballpoint.jpg


  • IDEF6 : Design Rationale Capture

IIDEF4 Design Activities.jpg

  • IDEF7 : Information System Auditing
  • IDEF8 : User Interface Modeling
  • IDEF9 : Business Constraint Discovery
  • IDEF10 : Implementation Architecture Modeling
  • IDEF11 : Information Artifact Modeling
  • IDEF12 : Organization Modeling
  • IDEF13 : Three Schema Mapping Design
  • IDEF14 : Network Design




  • ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems)
  • An approach to enterprise modeling
  • It is not a standard
  • Offers holistic view of process design, management, work flow, and application processing
  • Provides a generic and well-documented methodological framework
  • Uses EPC (Event-driven Process Chain)
  • Supported by ARIS Toolset (by Software AG)
  • ARIS is not extensible
  • ARIS is not actively maintained


  • The Open Group Standard
  • It is not really as open as The Open Group says
  • ArchiMate® 2.0 is aligned with TOGAF®

ArchiMate Architectural Framework.jpg

Architecture Description Languages ⌘

  • ADL term is used in many engineering communities
  • There is no de-facto standard for Architecture Description Language (ADL)
  • In the software engineering community, an ADL relates to software architectures
  • Most of ADLs have academic background (CMU)

Some Examples of ADL:

  • Acme (CMU)
  • AADL (standardized by SAE, Latest version 2009-01-20)
  • C2 (developed by UCI)
  • Darwin (developed by Imperial College London)
  • Wright (developed by CMU)

SoaML ⌘

  • OMG Standard based on UML (2012)
  • Described in details lateron

Suitability for EA⌘

Languages suitable for describing EA should:

  • Define relationship (integration) between domains (views)
  • Clear semantics
  • Cover both, the business and the technology with clear relationship between them
  • UML seems to be able to describe it clearly, but its semantics is too general
  • There are a lot of profiles for UML which make the UML specific enough to describe EA in an unambiguous way
  • Most of the frameworks use UML profiles or Meta-models based on UML