Business Strategy And Business Architecture

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Business Strategy
Bernard Szlachta (

BMM and Architecture Frameworks⌘

  • A lot frameworks include strategic views
  • They are similar to BMM
  • Starting with the strategy or "Business Plan" allows to trace links between management decisions
  • This link is crucial when management decisions need to be propagated into IT systems (usually through processes)

BMM Overview⌘

Bmm overview.png

BMM Goals⌘

  • Provides a scheme or structure for:
    • developing
    • communicating
    • managing
  • business plans in an organized manner

What does BMM do?⌘

  • Identifies factors that motivate the establishing of business plans.
  • Identifies and defines the elements of business plans.
  • Indicates how all these factors and elements inter-relate.

Sample BMM⌘

Business Architecture⌘

"A blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objects and tactical demands" (OMG)

"The business strategy, governance, organization, and key business processes" (TOGAF)

"A business architecture is a part of an enterprise architecture related to corporate business, and the documents and diagrams that describe that architectural structure of business. People who build business architecture are known as Business Architects."

NIH IT Enterprise Architecture Framework.jpg