Building E-commerce Applications with Ubercart in Drupal

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Building E-commerce Applications with Ubercart in Drupal
Lukasz Sokolowski (NobleProg Ltd)

Building E-commerce Applications with Ubercart in Drupal          Lukasz Sokolowski (NobleProg Ltd)


Building E-commerce Applications with Ubercart in Drupal

Building E-commerce Applications with Ubercart in Drupal Training Materials


Installing Ubercart ⌘

Installation details:

Ubercart System Requirements ⌘

memory limit to >= 64Mb

(for just drupal core it's 32Mb)

Module specific requirements

  • uc_authorizenet: cURL
  • uc_cybersource: cURL, or SOAP and DOM
  • uc_google_checkout: SimpleXML
  • uc_paypal: cURL
  • uc_ups: SimpleXML, OpenSSL
  • uc_usps: SimpleXML

Required modules(dependencies) ⌘

  • Rules (version 7.x2.0beta2 or later)
  • Views
  • Ctools
  • Entity API
  • Entity tokens

Recommended modules ⌘

  • Colorbox
  • Google Analytics
  • Token

Ubercart modules ⌘

  • Ubercart package
    • main core modules
    • other core modules
  • More additional modules
    • Optional non core modules
    • Fulfillment modules
    • Payment modules

Main core modules ⌘

Required core modules

  • Cart (ubercart/uc_cart)
    • Gives you a shopping cart for an Ubercart e-commerce site.
  • Order (ubercart/uc_order)
    • Allows you receive and manage orders through your website.
  • Product (ubercart/uc_product)
    • Allows you to create products for your store. Imagecache and CCK Image field are recommended for displaying images of products.
  • Store (ubercart/uc_store)
    • Allows you to setup the store settings and manage your Ubercart site.

Optional other core modules ⌘

Provide other basic systems and functionality but may not be required for every store.

  • Attribute (ubercart/uc_attribute)
    • Allows customer selectable options on products. For example, if you sold shirts you'd give the customer a selectable option on the size.
  • Catalog (ubercart/uc_catalog)
    • Creates a block and a page display of products by category.
  • File Downloads (ubercart/uc_file)
    • Allows products to be associated with downloadable files.
  • Notify (ubercart/uc_notify)
    • Send e-mail notifications to customers at checkout and when modifying their orders.
  • Payment (ubercart/payment/uc_payment)
    • Enables the payments API for receiving and tracking payments through your site. All payment related modules are found in the ubercart/payment directory.

Optional other core modules(more) ⌘

  • Reports (ubercart/uc_reports)
    • View reports about your store's sales, customers, and products.
  • Roles (ubercart/uc_roles)
    • Assign permanent or expirable roles based on product purchases.
  • Shipping Quotes (ubercart/shipping/uc_quote)
    • Displays shipping quote information to customers at checkout. All shipping related modules are found in the ubercart/shipping directory.
  • Shipping (ubercart/shipping/uc_shipping)
    • Sets up shipments for shipping companies with integrated web services.
  • Taxes (ubercart/uc_taxes)
    • Calculates tax on orders

More additional modules ⌘

  • Optional non core modules
  • Fulfillment modules
  • Payment modules
Optional non core modules ⌘

Helpful, but not essential.

  • Cart Links (ubercart/uc_cart_links)
  • Google Analytics for Ubercart (ubercart/uc_googleanalytics)
  • Importer (ubercart/uc_importer)
  • Product Kit (ubercart/uc_product_kit)
  • Repeater (ubercart/uc_repeater)
  • Stock (ubercart/uc_stock)
Fulfillment modules ⌘

Extend the functionality of the shipping quote and order fulfillment systems.

  • Flatrate (ubercart/shipping/uc_flatrate)
  • UPS Shipping (ubercart/shipping/uc_ups)
  • USPS (ubercart/shipping/uc_usps)
  • Weight quote (ubercart/shipping/uc_weightquote)
Payment modules ⌘

Extend the functionality of the payments API and so rely on the core Payment module being enabled.

  • 2Checkout (ubercart/payment/uc_2checkout)
  • (ubercart/payment/uc_authorizenet)
  • Credit Card (ubercart/payment/uc_credit)
  • CyberSource (ubercart/payment/uc_cybersource)
  • Payment Method Pack (ubercart/payment/uc_payment_pack)
  • PayPal (ubercart/payment/uc_paypal)
  • Recurring Payments (ubercart/payment/uc_recurring)
  • Test Gateway (ubercart/payment/uc_payment)

Configuring Your Store ⌘

Just installing and enabling the required modules is not enough.

There are post installations we need to do.

Related drupal manual:

Ubercart Settings ⌘

Attribute Settings ⌘

Cart Links Settings ⌘

Cart Settings ⌘

  • Basic settings
  • Cart lifetime
  • Continue shopping element
  • Cart breadcrumb

Catalogue Settings ⌘

Checkout Settings ⌘

  • Settings
    • Basic settings
    • Anonymous checkout
    • Customer information pane
    • Instruction messages
    • Completion messages
  • Rules

Country Settings ⌘

  • Countries
  • Address fields
  • Address formats
  • Import countries

Google Checkout ⌘

Importer Settings ⌘

Manufacturer Settings ⌘

Notification Settings ⌘

Order Settings ⌘

  • Settings
    • Invoice settings
    • View screen
    • Edit screen
    • Invoice screen
    • Customer screen
  • Workflow
  • Manage fields
  • Manage display

Payment Settings ⌘

Product Settings ⌘

  • Product settings
  • Attribute settings
  • File download settings

Report Settings ⌘

Shipping Quote Settings ⌘

Stock Settings ⌘

Store Settings ⌘

  • Basic information
  • Store address
  • Currency format
  • Weight format
  • Length format
  • Display settings

Table Display Settings ⌘

Tax Settings ⌘

Workflow Configuration ⌘

Creating Products ⌘

Basic Product Creation ⌘

Product Attributes and Options ⌘

Product SKUs and Adjustments ⌘

Understanding Product Classes ⌘

Building a Product Catalogue ⌘

Product Kits ⌘

Selling Files ⌘

Selling Site Access (Role Assignments) ⌘

Theming Product Pages ⌘

Tracking Stock Levels ⌘

Importing and Exporting Products ⌘

Importing Data ⌘

Processing Orders ⌘

Automated Order Processing with Workflow-ng ⌘

Receiving Payments ⌘

Shipping Your Products ⌘

Viewing Reports ⌘

Cart Links ⌘

Customers ⌘

Products ⌘

Sales ⌘

Sales per Year ⌘

Custom sales summary ⌘

Stock ⌘

Custom reports ⌘

Contributed Modules ⌘

  • Ubercart Subproduct (uc_subproduct)
  • UC Alertpay Integration
  • UC Node Checkout
  • UberPOS
  • Ubercart Addresses
  • Ubercart Gestpay (uc_gestpay)
  • Ubercart Marketplace
  • Ubercart pictured cart block
  • ePay - Scandinavian payment module
  • uc_dropdown_attributes

More contributed modules ⌘

Go to:

and type "ubercart" in "Search Modules:" field

there are above 500 modules related somehow to ubercart

If we still need something different, we can ask here:

Example sites: ⌘

References and materials: ⌘

  • Manuals and links
  • Books

Manuals and links ⌘

Books ⌘

"Drupal 7 Ubercart 3 Ecommerce Manual", David Ipswitch

"Drupal Web Services", Trevor James

Drupal alternatives: ⌘

Drupal Commerce module