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This is a documentation with examples for NobleProg PHP Business Rule Engine.


This material is copyrighted. What can you do with the examples:

  • use them in your projects, incorporate them and modify them

What you cannot do with the examples:

  • you cannot use them to create training materials for commercial training

What is NobleProg Rules

  • You can download the rules here: (examples coming soon)


  • inserting/removing facts from working memory
  • forward chaining
  • optimized (compared to PHP rules)

Commercial Support

  • NobleProg offer consulting/training and support. Pricing starts from £600/day.
  • Currently on-site consultants available in the US, UK, Poland and China
  • More info:


  • Forward Chaining
  • DSL
  • MVEL compatible (Drools compatible)
  • Further optimization


  • PHP Rules
  • PHP Business Rules
  • BRMS in PHP