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DaDesktop Trainer Manual
Anbo 安博

DaDesktop Trainer Manual          Anbo 安博


  • Creation of machines in seconds
  • Standalone Desktops and Training Machine Template
  • Multiple machines per participants
  • Training Room (Chat, Switching Desktops, Presentation, etc...)

Multiple machines per participants


  1. Supported Nested Virtualization
    1. Use KVM
    2. Use LXC or Docker
  2. Create Three Courses for each delegate

Using LXC nested virtualization (preferred)

  • By default container use KVM virtualization
  • You can create LXC container instead, it is faster than KVM
  • In order to create LXC desktop, click 'Convert to LXC' when creating a desktop
  • After starting the machine, you can create LXC or KVM desktops

Using nexted LXC

  1. Create LXC Desktop as described above
  2. Execute following commands in the container
sudo -i
apt install lxc-utils
apt install lxc-templates
lxc-create -t download -n u1 -- --dist ubuntu --release bionic --arch amd64
lxc-attache container1

Join Training Room

Trainer and participants in the same conference to share screen, chat, do presentation.

ClipCapIt-190417-160526.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-160915.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-161116.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-162241.PNG

Join Training Room

Slides show link

Resize Disk

If the desktop created has an increased disk size (more than the default),

some simple actions are required to take within the created desktop

in order for the change to take effect.

(We are still working on automating this process)


  • Start/Connect to the desktop
  • Run these 3 commands one by one within a terminal window
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install -y cloud-utils

sudo growpart /dev/sda 1

sudo resize2fs /dev/sda1


  • Start/Connect to the desktop
  • Run these commands one by one within a terminal window


  • Start/connect to the desktop
  • Press 'win' Key, then type "disk management", open "Create and format hard disk partitions"
  • Right-click 'C:' drive, select "Extend Volumn..." to open up "Extend Volumn Wizard"
  • Click "Next", "Next" then "Finish"
  • Restart (Refresh browser if it stuck)

DaDesktop Other Resources

Trainer Manual。

File:DaDesktop for Training(Trainer Manual).pdf