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DaDesktop for Training

DaDesktop for Training          WangLiang

DaDesktop for Training description

  • Remote desktop bulid for training purpose,create remote desktop in seconds
  • Combine online training room & user's virtual desktop together
  • Easy for training; Few steps to prepare course detail and start training
  • Trainer's mechine(DaDesktop) and can be cloned by course paticipants in seconds
  • Trainer can save his desktop for standalone so that can use for next training
  • Using browser for direct connection

DaDesktop for training features

  • Web based, no extra download requirement
  • Convenient and Fast, takes less than a minute to prepare machines for 100 participants, 50GB storage each (more than 100 times faster compare to EC2, Google Cloud, Paper Space, etc...)
  • Training focused interface,simple,stable,useful.Will be more automatically for creating and keeping templates


  • Really fast: We use our unique technology to make the process very fast. It usually takes few second to clone and boot-up a new desktop.

Multiple Locations

1.We currently offer servers in

  • Mainland China (Zhuhai)
  • Warsaw (Poland)
  • Germany (Nuremberg)
  • US (New York)
  • Singapore

2.More locations will be involved soon

DaDesktop selling strategies

1.Simple Comparation with Ali-Cloud server renting cost

Ali-Cloud DaDesktop
CPU General purpose type General purpose type
vCPU 8 8
RAM 32GB for whole server 8GB Standard version/user
Disk Space 20GB HDD 50GB NVME SSD
CPU Frequncy 2.5GHz 1.8 - 3.6GHz
Product Service None(Rent cloud) Local Cloud+Training Room+ Virtual Desktop with Software License+ Linux OS
Speed of creating/cloning desktop Minutes Less than 1 second
Cost ¥2640/month ¥349/month/User/Standard Version

2. Customize DaDesktop Servers

  • Customize configuration of servers to meet user's requirement, servers should be poweful, quiet and easy to carry
  • Maintain servers within contrain period(Remote monitoring system & Parts replacement)
  • Users can keep servers, return to us when contract expired
  • Users should paid us negotiate amount before we build servers they required
  • Users can use 'DaDesktop' for free within contract period and create standalone desktop for next training course

University Case

  • Technical online training,easy to access
  • Fast and safe local servers, fluent desktop experience
  • Web version, not extra download requirement, super easy training interface for users
  • Flexible timing ; Useful management functions ; Efficient training experiences; Instant online feedback for each participant; (Use DaDesktop for training)

UIC (United International College) case

  • We send an offer to meet Universitie's requirement
  1. Do training in university lab,want keep servers in their place
  2. Request for more powerful servers configuration: 3KVM,600vCPU,1.2T RAM,3T HDD Space
  • We bulid new servers to meet their hardware needs,miantain servers within contract period
  1. They pay once and use DaDesktop for Training free
  2. They should return servers when contract expired

DaDesktop Servers Portable Version

  1. New Babby Local Servers
    Servers G2.jpg
  2. Light Small Powerful(compare to 14-inch HaiWei Laptop)
    Servers G2.1.jpg
  3. New version 1/2 transparent 1/2 metal bulid monitor inside.
  • Will be light,smaller and beatiful,make it a present
  • New generation Motherboard and hardware,more powful in RAM and speed
  • Heat dissipation,Safe
Servers G3.jpg