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DaDesktop Trainer and User Manual
Anbo 安博

DaDesktop Trainer and User Manual          Anbo 安博

Short-cuts problem。

Short like ctr+w, alt+F4 (all except alt+tab) work fine if you open screen in shortcut mode as show below:

ClipCapIt-190325-134226.PNG ClipCapIt-190325-134458.PNG ClipCapIt-190325-134816.PNG ClipCapIt-190325-134937.PNG

Join Training Room(BETA)

Trainer and participants in the same conference to share screen, chat, do presentation.

ClipCapIt-190417-160526.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-160915.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-161116.PNG ClipCapIt-190417-162241.PNG

DaDesktop Other Resources。