NobleProg Franchise Offer

Bernard Szlachta (NobleProg Ltd)

The Dream?

  • Wanna course, get a course in a couple of minutes with real person
  • Wanna help, get a real person consultant in matter of minutes
  • The trainer/consultant who matches you better than your partner

What do we do?


  • Courses
    • 1 to 5 days
    • already at work
    • corporate customers
  • Consultancy

Will provide (NobleProg Institute):

- long-term courses (21days)

Area of Expertise

  • Management.png Management
  • Computer.png IT
  • Statistics.png Statistics
  • Ai.png Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial.png Finance

Course Types

  • Classroom
  • Remote with instructor


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  • 11 franchisees
  • 70 FTE people (people involved in organizing courses and consultancy, without trainers)
  • over 500 subcontractors

Bernard szlachta photo.jpg Grzegorz-Pruszczynski small.jpg Lukasz walec photo.jpg Filip stachecki photo.jpg Kamil bw.jpg Iza szlachta photo.jpg Judy-zhang.jpg

Edward-Jenkins.jpg Hayley-Hills.jpg Steve-Meredith.jpg Christine-Hicks.jpg Adriaan-Baston.jpg Eryk-pic.jpg Selina-Tian.jpg




  • 2005 - Established in Poland as purely classroom training company
  • 2007 - Headquarters in London, United Kingdom
  • 2008 - Franchise model started
  • 2012 - Headquarters in New York, US
  • 2014 - New Franchisees in Canada, Germany, Dubai, United States
  • 2015 - Headquarters in Beijing, China
  • 2016 - India
  • 2017 - Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines

Our Vision

The World's Local Training Provider

Strategic Goals

  • Reduce waiting time to zero
  • The trainer or consultant matches clients perfectly
  • Make learning more enjoyable


  • Providing worldwide comprehensive learning and consultancy solutions in an effective, efficient, comfortable and interesting way
  • Making the organization of the courses as easy, quick and effective as possible for both, the trainer and the delegates.

Why NobleProg?

  • Cooperation instead of competition
  • Your major contribution is your work, not money
  • Exchanging trainer database and evaluation
  • Sharing costs of:
- marketing and sale
- software development
- process development and best practises
- trainer recruitment
- course development

Franchisees Success Stories

Grzegorz Pruszczynski, Warsaw, Poland

Grzegorz-Pruszczynski small.jpg
  • Started in 2006
  • Came from non technical background with little business experience
  • Currently Master Franchisee in Poland
  • Earnings are much more than anticipated

Filip Stachecki, Poznan, Wroclaw, Poland

Filip stachecki photo.jpg
  • Worked as a trainer contractor since 2008
  • From 1 of November 2009 a Franchise
  • Couldn’t stand constant travelling as he expected his second kid, so he started a business
  • Granted another territory for exceptional performance
  • Territory of around 2mln people (600k in the City)
  • Thinks it was as easy as A, B, C

What will a Franchisee get?

What will a Franchisee get? - Operations

  • Booking/Enrolment system
  • Pricing and Discount System
  • Public Course Event generator
  • Detailed Processes, Templates and Support
  • Trainer/Consultants recruitment and selection system (
  • Trainers Database (Worldwide)
  • Certification system (
  • Integration Accounting System
  • Use of NobleProg Systems and Process for Remote Courses
  • Emails, Calendar
  • Credit Card Payments systems
  • Quote Engine

What will a Franchisee get? - Quality Control

  • Course Assessment Process
  • Trainer/Consultant Assessment Process
  • Peer-review for Training Materials

What will a Franchisee get? - Research and Development

  • New outlines and materials
  • Software upgrades
  • Rules and Process continuous optimisation
  • Technical support

What will a Franchisee get? - Investment and Career Development Support

  • Borrowing for development (properties etc...)
  • Access to discounted courses
  • Access to self-study materials
  • Discounts for courses provided by NobleProg in different locations and remote courses
  • Ongoing business support
  • Community of Franchisees

The Web Site




  • All applications are web-based, no need to install anything on your computer
  • You can travel and work (some people working in London are in Mexico, or Korea, etc...)

Search Engine Optimization


Business Processes and Automation

PCQ Management.svg

Quote Engine


Course Outlines and Training Materials



  • OMG Exam Content Developer (OCEB, OCUP)
  • ISQI

More info:

Franchise, how to start

How much do I need?
From $10k to $100 depends on the territory
Do I need an office
first year not necessary, later, a must
How much time I need to spend on the business?
A lot, mostly to learn the stuff, we require full time engagement

Typical Day

Typical Day in a first year

  • Preparing quotes and tenders
  • Reply to clients emails/phone calls
  • Advertising courses
  • Talking to trainers

Typical Day - second year

  • Employing Training Coordinators
  • Managing Key Accountants
  • Getting more business from tenders, networking

What is in the Franchise Agreement

  • Initially 5 years - renewable
  • Restriction by territory or/and area of expertise
  • You pay system fee 12.5% from your turnover - and that is all!

Exit Strategy

  • Sell the busines

How can I start

Fill out Franchise Enquiry Form
Contact us via email or phone
English Speaking
+44 7929173122
Polish Speaking
+48 693704104
Mandarin Speaking
+86 152 0139 4024