JBPM 6 - 2.3 - Debugging Processes

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JBPM 6 - 2.3 - Debugging Processes


  • current state of your running processes can be inspected and visualized during the execution.
  • currently breakpoints cannot be put on the nodes within a process directly
  • breakpoints can be put inside any Java code:
    • code that is invoking the engine
    • code invoked by the engine
    • listeners
    • rules (than part)

Debug views

  1. The process instances view
    1. shows all running process instances (and their state)
    2. shows the current state of a process instance
  2. The audit view
    1. shows the audit log
  3. The global data view
  4. Working memory view (facts)
  5. Agenda view (activated rules)

The process instances view

  1. Open 04_Debuging project
  2. Windows / Show View / Other / Drools / Process Instances
  3. Put a breakpoint after ksession.startProcess line
  4. Press F11 (Debug as JUnit Test)
  5. Switch to debug perspective
  6. In Variables window click on ksession
  7. In Process Instances windows, click on ksession insance
  8. Look at Process Instance windows to see where the process "hanged"

The process instance view and persistance

  • This kind of debuging will not work with pressistance
  • Please make sure you will turn persistance off by setting super(true,false)

Audit View

  • Open 04_Deubgging project
  • Run ProcessTestAudit.java
  • Open the Audit view
  • Open mylogfile file