DaDesktop Manual for Clients

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DaDesktop Manual for Clients
Utkarsh Kaushik

DaDesktop Manual for Clients          Utkarsh Kaushik

General Instructions ⌘

These pictorial instructions are based around accessing DaDesktop(Virtual Desktop) provided by NobleProg.

Please feel free to reach to the trainer or the coordinators in case of any queries.

Download the file here: File:DD Instructions.pdf

Join using the joining link ⌘

If you have been given a link that looks like below:

Joining Link ⌘

2019-05-28 1038.png

Joining using username and password ⌘

Main website address ⌘

2019-05-28 1039.png

Login form ⌘

2019-05-28 1040.png

List of your courses ⌘

2019-05-28 1041.png

2019-05-28 1041 001.png


2019-05-28 1043.png

2019-05-28 1044.png

2019-05-28 1044 001.png

2019-05-28 1045.png

2019-05-28 1046.png

2019-05-28 1047.png

Using clipboard to copy paste from your local environment to the virtual desktop ⌘

2019-05-28 1048.png

2019-05-28 1049.png

2019-05-28 1049 001.png

2019-05-28 1050.png

2019-05-28 1051.png

2019-05-28 1051 001.png